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Black Dragonfly3 - Kim's Space
Welcome to my profile page. I'm Kim, I'm 20, and I blog about stupid things. ^_^ I've been blogging for 4 years. My live journal account has been a place I can just say what I want, uncensored, and unapologetic, which I think we all need sometimes.

You may see me commenting on a few different communities. I'm a bit of a pop culture junkie. I love music (last.fm <3), movies (Anything Tim Burton, or with Alan Rickman) and theatre (Spring Awakening, Wicked, Avenue Q).
My blog is here for the simple reason of looking back on it years later. It entertains me when I'm bored, and is a place that I can easily get to if I want to show my friends something. I hope you get a laugh or two out of it. ^_^

300, adam sandler, adrien brody, alan rickman, alice, alice in wonderland, antoine dodson, aurora uk, blink 182, bob joe, britney spears, bunny, canada, cartman, christian, christina aguilera, class, coheed and cambria, college, computers, converse, creepy, cute, dane cook, depression, die mannequin, disney, disturbed, doll, dr. horrible, drama, du jour, eh, elinor, elisa, emo, engrish, esthero, evanescence, exodus, final fantasy, final fantasy 8, fml, friends, funny, funny pictures, funny video, gaga, gay rights, glee, god, gremlin, gwen stefani, half blood prince, harry potter, hello kitty, hikaru, hikaru utada, hikki, holy grail, homestarrunner, ikea, imogen heap, informercial, internet, jakalope, jesus, jim henson, kanye west, katy perry, kingdom hearts, lacuna coil, lady gaga, last lecture, lights, lily allen, lindsay lohan, linkin park, little britain, lizzy pattinson, marilyn manson, marineland, maury, micheal jackson, monty python, moogle, movies, muppets, music, natalia kills, nerd, nintendo, pants on the ground, people of walmart, perez, pro gay, pullip, pussycat dolls, rabbit, rick astley, robert pattinson, robot chicken, scary, school, sebastian love, seth green, severus snape, snape, snl, star wars, strong bad, sxephil, system of a down, the little mermaid, the wedding singer, this is the one, tim burton, timbaland, timon and pumbaa, to write love, toyota, traci hines, trolling, twloha, utada, vincent black shadow, weddings, whatthebuck, whip my hair, willow smith, within temptation, wonderland, you done goofed, you dun goofed, youtube


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